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Current stable version:
1.0.4 Download
(Jan 7 2012)

Compatible with:
Firefox 1.5 - 10.*

Latest beta revision:
1.0.5bRev129(signed) Download
(Feb 13 2016) ~ 1.5 - 48.*

Works on all platforms
Windows, Linux, MacOSX, etc.

Automatic Save Folder is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox web browser.
It's a download helper which automates the sorting and saving of your files on your hard drive.

Tired of searching back and forth the saving place for your downloads from a multitude of sub-folders ? Then Automatic Save Folder is for you !
When downloading a file, Automatic Save Folder will automatically select the folder where the file will be be saved to and/or where the file explorer will be opened using simple filters you set before.

The filters are easy to create and can be based on the file's name, the hosted file's domain or the current website's URL.

Define the filters
next download
Download a file
ASF select the best choice
next file explorer
File explorer open at the right place


  • Available in different languages [English, French, Italian, Russian]
  • Select the saving folder from the user's filters list
  • Works with both Firefox saving options (Save to... or Always ask where to save)
  • Works with single-click, right-click and automatic file redirection.
  • Woks with the new Firefox 7.0.1+ "Site-by-Site" save folder feature.
  • Filter the download by file's name, File's domain, File's URL, current tab's domain, current tab's URL (Use latest beta)
  • Filters can use Regular Expressions
  • Can dynamically create saving folders (date of the day, filename, extension, etc.)
  • Can automatically accept the download (no need to click the OK button)
  • Lets you choose from 4 folders before accepting the download:
    1. Filtered folder
    2. Last used folder
    3. Last used folder for the current website URI (Firefox 7.0.1+ required)
    4. Complete folder's listing from the user defined filters