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The filters tab :
Here you define your filters and folders.
They are checked from top to bottom on each download.
Filter tab
The filters tab :
With you right-click on a filter, an additional context menu appears.
Filter tab

The filter edition's window :
You can select the domain and filename, using standard filters or regular expression.
Choose the folder to open automatically when the file explorer appears.
Filter edition window
The options tab :
Here you define the interface and Firefox behaviour's options.
The first option reflect the Firefox option/main tab/download box
Options tab
The Dynamic tab :
If you enable this function, you can create dynamic folders and sub-folders.
They can be created according to flags, like the date of the day, file's extension, etc.
Filter tab

The saving window :
If you choose to see the option while saving a file, this box will appear.
You can see the current suggested folder, the previous one or a list of defined folders.
Filter edition window

The saving window + going to filter's edition :
If you open the preferences window from a saving window, you will see the filters matching the current download.
You can use this feature to create new filters easily while saving a new file.
Filter edition window