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In order to work, you have to correctly set Firefox and Automatic Save Folder's preferences.
Three steps are essentials, if the filtering doesn't work please check each of these steps again:

Step 1 : Firefox

The filtering on common downloads (simple click, or automatic download) works only if the download window "What should Firefox do with this file?" is shown:

So, be sure to check if Firefox doesn't use another process preventing the window to appear by following this method:
  1. Go to the Firefox menu "Tools" and "Options...".
  2. Go to the "Applications" tab
  3. Verify that the File Type you want to download is correctly set to "Always ask".

Choose a saving method in Firefox preferences, General tab:
- "Save files to": Firefox will save the downloads automatically into the specified folder without opening the files explorer.
- "Always ask me where to save files": Firefox will show you the files explorer which will allow you to rename the file or select another saving folder manually.

Step 2 : Automatic Save Folder

If you decide to go without the file explorer, Firefox will automatically save your files
either in the download folder defined by your operating system, or on your desktop.
Do not forget to select "Set by the filters" to allow Firefox to use the filtered folders.

Your filter's order is of a big importance!
The verification is done from top to bottom, and stop right after a filter is matching the actual downloaded file.
Remember to alway set your filters order using the arrow on the right of the filter's tab, or dragging them with your mouse.

Step 3 : While downloading

You must take care that Firefox will always ask you what to do with the file type your are currently downloading.
According to this, you must not check "Do this automatically for files like this from now on.".
If it ever happens, do Step 1 again.