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Bug Report

You found a bug ? Please follow the steps below to report to the author.
The more informations you provide, the quicker it will be fixed.

How to report ?

You can report a bug on the forum or on the source code repository by creating a new issue if it's not already reported.

You need to provide some informations with your report

  • In your report, please first specify what is the part not working :
    • The User interface (The option, creating filters, etc.)
    • The Download and filtering process
  • In both case, specify :
    • What steps will reproduce the problem?
    • What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
    • What version of ASF and Firefox are you using?
    • Did you try another version ? Did it work ?
    • Do you have any ASF report in the error console ? (Ctrl+Shift+J)
    • If yes, when does it happen ? what is the error message ?
  • If it's a download bug, please add those informations :
    • ASF and Firefox downloading options
    • Did you try disabling another saving add-on and restarting Firefox ?
    • Does ASF option box is shown while saving ?
    • Is the suggested path before accepting the file correct ?
    • If different, what is the file explorer opened folder ?
    • Did you try another filter ?
    • If it's releated to a particular filter, provide the filter or a screenshot, and the domain/filename you are downloading
  • Bonus report :
    • Did you try creating a new fresh profile, with no other add-on installed ?

In fact, just provide the most details you can !
Telling me "I've tried EVERYTHING and it doesn't work" will never help me improve it if I don't know what your "everything" really means, or if I don't know what is not working.