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Here is what I'm planning for future updates.
If you want to see a feature not listed here, please use the forum to make a suggestion

You can help with these features development too.

  • 0.8.x :
    • First public release
    • Register ASF on AMO (Addons-Mozilla.Org)
  • 0.9.x :
    • Compatible with Firefox 3.x
    • Link to edit the filters when saving
    • Choice between current and last path
    • Full filter's path selection when saving
    • Dynamic folder creation
    • Check the current website URL for domain filtering
  • 1.0.0 :
    • Add right-click feature
    • Get a public area webpage on AMO (Addons-Mozilla.Org)
    • Create a new website
    • Private browsing compatible.
      Prevent a download to store the last used folder if Firefox is in private browsing state.
      Thanks a lot to Mozilla developer Ehsan Akhgari
    • Color filtered lines matching the current download when the preference window is open from the saving dialog (visualize matching filters or test regexp).
    • Submit to
  • 1.0.x :
    • Create a function to set DownThemAll folder with ASF.
    • See if ASF can send the saving path to FlashGot add-on
    • get rid of the / / when using regular expression
    • Import/export filters and preference to file
    • Create a test regexp screen/button when editing the filters.
    • Check if it's possible to access the Firefox single click saving script. Could allow dynamic file renaming with single click (actually only possible with right-click, but not available in ASF yet)
    • Check if possible to change the saving process so that Mime Type from the Application's tab set to "save to disk" will be filtered too.
  • 2.0 :
    • Use Sqlite Database to store more options and filter's data efficiently (ASF Will work only starting from Firefox 3.0)
    • Add a tab to the filter's creation window to "override default preferences" and set a per filter preferences including:
      • Option to set filter's case sensitivity
      • Give a name to the filter ? Sort by filter's name in path list ?
      • Dynamic folder on/off
      • Auto-accept the download (+ only if a filter is found).
      • Do not show file explorer and save to... (+ only if a filter is found).
      • Include this filter in the drop-down path list? yes/no
      • Check the filter's domain with "hosted file domain","current website URL","both"
      • Save to the last used folder or into the user defined folder
      • Choose to filter the domain with only the domain name or the full file's URL path
    • Let the user choose how many previously saved paths are stored in memory (currently only 1), and maybe let the user link them to domains