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User info tutorial
Aug 22 2012, 2:43 pm
you clearly state to read the instructions when you install auto save folder. however your instructions are unclear. in step 2 you fail to specify which you should choose. and i don't even know how you go to the screen in step 3. i figured out where it was eventually. but as to whether or not i configured this addon correctly is yet to be seen.
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Aug 25 2012, 2:16 pm

Just a thing before I explain these steps:
This is not a full tutorial to explain how to use the Addon, but just some quick steps to verrify if Firefox is correctly configured.
The tutorial to use and create filters is inside the addon, on the help tab.

The step2
About "which option to choose", both are fine.
They are both working with Automatic Save Folder.
It's up to the user preferences.

I didn't explained the differences in details, nor told which one the user should use, because it's not part of Automatic Save Folder. It's a Firefox preference, and it's up to the user to decide how he wants Firefox to work. (not ASF)

- The first one always save the file without asking you to rename the file. when you download a file, it's automatically saved to your computer. There's no File explorer when you can choose to change the save location or the filename. If the downloaded filename match a filename you already have, it's automatically renamed with "filename (x).ext" (x being an incremental number).

- The second one always open the file explorer (like when you save a file with "Right-click on a link > Save file as..."). You can change the save location and the filename before accepting the save.

The step 3
The screenshot clearly shows the "Automatic Save Folder preferences window".
It the only window about Automatic Save Folder, the one where you define the filters.
If you add filters, you automatically already saw that window.
The add-ons option are ALL at the same place in Firefox (in the tools menu > Addon manager), so I didn't find the necessity to explain how to open it.

There are three ways to open Automatic Save Folder preferences:
Method 1
Tools > Addon Manager > Automatic Save Folder > Option button.
Firefox Orange button > Addon manager > Automatic Save Folder > Otion button.

Pros: You know where the options are. All Addon's option are in that place.
Cons: Windows opened by the add-on manager are not resizable. This is not ASF bug, this is Firefox fault. Don't use this method.

Method 2
Tools > Automatic Save Folder...

Pros: very easy to access. You can resize the opened preferences window at your own taste.
Cons: It's displayed only if you don't use the the "Firefox" orange button at the top left. You need to enable the Firefox Menu display (right-click on the "+" tab, and enable the Menu bar).

Method 3 (Best method)
Click the ASF icon

Pro: VERY easy, and best method. You can resize the preference window too.
Cons: It's not there by default, you need to add it manually:

Right-click the "+" tab icon, and select "Personalize"
find the ASF icon in the list, and drag/drop it into the main tool bar (after the address bar for example)


I'm all for making it easier to newbie.
if you find something hard to understand, you did good to tell me.
I don't always manage to put myself at the user's position.

I will rewrite these parts.

That Step3 picture is now a little old if you are using the latest beta revision.
But Beta versions are (usually) not for end users. they are for users who understand that it's unfinished and can have bug, unexplained menu, incomplete settings, untranslated menu, etc.

On the recent beta, I changed the way this menu is working. I will make new screenshots with the new menu for the final release (not beta).

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