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User info Wipe memory?
Jun 19 2013, 6:57 am
Is there any way to wipe ASF's memory? It keeps suggesting locations like C:\ - and I never save in a root directory - or M:\Down, and I don't have an M: drive anymore.

I appreciate any help you can give.
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Sep 24 2013, 7:34 pm
There are two places where the paths are stored :
- in ASF's filters themselves. (you need to edit the filter manually)
- in Firefox' "Last used folder for that URL" database.

For the later, you would have to edit the database manually as ASF doesn't include a method to clean this Firefox's own feature.
I could add it, but I'm not currently working on the Addon (lack of time).

I suggest you use either the option in ASF to not use "per URL" memory (it's in the Settings>Filter's tab, at the bottom)
or you use another addon to see the database used by Firefox : sqlite Manager

in sqlite Manager, you load the table "content-prefs.sqlite"
execute this command (in Execute SQL tab) :
SELECT, prefs.value, as Type FROM groups, prefs, settings WHERE prefs.groupID AND prefs.settingID =

it will display each folder linked to their URL.
You can delete the folders you don't use anymore (check the content of the three tables and delete the "groups" and "Prefs" data with settingID 1 (LastDir should be 1, but verify in "settings" table first)

Sorry if it's confusing :(
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Edit / Delete
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