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Forum > General discussion > [Fixed in r126] weird download behaviour

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User info [Fixed in r126] weird download behaviour
Mar 16 2014, 9:08 pm
hello again!
Welp, I thought I finally figured it out to have the add-on working quickly for new installations,
but this time I encountered really weird behaviour..

Some filters work, some do somehow. Its hard to explain, but some filters work (software&archives)
and some downloads (*.jpg, *.gif, ...) just place themselves where-ever the last download
was placed..

using Automatic Save Folder Version 1.0.5bRev125:


thank you very much in advance for the help!
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Mar 18 2014, 7:10 pm

I guess you correctly set the regexp option in all filters, so it's probably caused by the right click option.

ASF filtering is triggered at two places:
1- in the "what firefox need to do whith this file" window, which opens when you left-click on a link.
2- if you right-click a link and select "save link as..."

pictures usually don't display the save window, so the first option is out of question.
Did you enabled Right-click option ? (it's hidden in your screenshot due to bigger font)

If you don't have access to that bottom part, you need to resize the preference window.
Firefox DISABLED the resize option (I really don't understand why) if you open the preferences from the Addon menu.

To enable setting window resizing:

Display the menu bar at the top of your firefox window, and select Tools > Automatic save folder...


Right-click the navigation bar > Select personalize > Add the ASF icon to it. Open the settings by clicking on that icon.

Now you can grab the setting's border to resize the window.

I wanted to add a "quick enable/disable right-click switcher" in the ASF icon placed in the nav bar, but I didn't have time to do it yet.
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Mar 18 2014, 9:09 pm
thanks a lot for the help and the real quick answer, even with your little time!

I copied the settings from my last setup, where everything was working fine.

I've disabled the rightclick option, since I use mouse gestures to download
pictures, which - from what I know - doesn't count as a right click.
But I can test that.. will be reporting soon.

Thanks, you're awesome man!
A real pity you don't have time for this marvellous add-on!
Post #3
Mar 18 2014, 9:14 pm
ah, I thought you were using the right click for the pictures.
if your mouse gesture opens the Save window, it should work fine.

Maybe you can verify if the pictures are set to "always asks" in firefox settings > application tab
Post #4
Mar 18 2014, 9:19 pm
Yes, the gesture opens up the save window.

Every item is set to "always ask" if available..

Its really odd, because the filters for 'docs' and 'software&archives'
work perfectly fine. But gifs and other picture formats
are just saved to the last successful filter, which is mostly
documents or software&archives.. o.O
Post #5
Mar 18 2014, 9:29 pm
based on your settings, if the filters didn't match at all, the files should be saved in E:\downloads.
it's strange that it's saving in the last path.

we could try something to see if the filters are matching correctly.
ASF settings > options page1 : check "view options when downloading" (with always show in drop down menu).
Disable "automatically accept the save dialog".

Now download a file to open the save window, instead of accepting the download, click on "+ edit" at the bottom.
If the filter is matching, it should be highlighted green.
if it's red, the filter match but is disabled.
if it's not hightlighted, there's a problem in your filter or settings or my filtering function.

in all cases, we can debug it.
open the console (Shift + CTRL + J) or tools > web developer > browser console.
clean the console's content
now download your picture with gesture
ASF will print here all the action it's doing, you can see which URL is used, which filter match or doesn't, etc.
Post #6
Mar 18 2014, 9:41 pm
thanks a lot for the awesome support!
...testing right now..

OK.. I'm really confused right now.
I switched to said settings but they didn't work,
so I restarted firefox.. still not working.
Then I disabled the add-on, planning a restart and
re-enabling it.
But with the add-on, jpg downloads which are now
automatically saved under E:\Downloads.

Re-enabled add-on:
I.. don't understand.. the settings..

Pictures automatically download to E:\Downloads\Docs
Post #7
Mar 18 2014, 9:44 pm
tried the debugging.. ASF creates now output at all. :/
Post #8
Mar 18 2014, 9:47 pm
be sure all the options are enabled at the top of the log window. (or at least, the one on the left of the clean button), before downloading a file.

Which version of firefox are you using?
It seems FF27 is not working with the current version of ASF. I'll have to fix it.

Ah, I see you made it work.
I don't know why it works with pdf, but not with the other filter.
Post #9
Mar 18 2014, 9:48 pm
EDIT: tried the same with a pdf, shows perfectly fine the correct filter and download destination..
I guess I'm going to delete and recreate the picture-filters.. something's very very odd
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