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Forum > General discussion > Stuck at \'Save image\' dialog

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User info Stuck at \'Save image\' dialog
Hello :)

Your settings seem fine.
so maybe it's an issue with your Firefox version? which one are you using?
I'm currently on v31 and it works fine.
I tested nightly build v35 and it has an issue with detecting Private browsing, as a result it stopped working.

when you say you are stuck, what does it mean?
the prompt doesn't set the path automatically to the correct folder, or the dialog is not accepted automatically?

When using right-click, it can't automatically accept the download, only the "what firefox should do with this file" dialog can be auto-accepted.
Hello again :)

First off thanks for still maintaining the project, it's very useful to me.

I, once again, have a fresh install and can't get ASF to work. It's stuck at the 'Save Image' dialog..
Firefox is set to always ask for any download and any filetype
Settings & Filter:

Thanks for the assistance!

edit: I'm aware that I've had the same problem a while ago, but the reboot, which helped then doesn't help anymore..