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Forum > General discussion > Stuck at \'Save image\' dialog

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User info Stuck at \'Save image\' dialog
From the look of your screenshots, Automatic Save folder is not loaded (because it broke again .. Nooooo!)
so, the issue starts from Firefox 32?

I don't have time to work on it correctly, with all the changes they did since firefox 7, I would require to code it from scratch again to make a proper release. Soon they will disable the old setting's access functions, I'll have to recode it to use the new functions.

I'll see if I can fix the Private browsing detection issue.
until then, please try this build:

I did a very bad fix : I disabled Private browsing detection. If you depend on this feature, don't use this version ;)
It still is r128, I didn't increment version number.

Tell me if it works, so I know that there's only one issue.
If it doesn't work, then you have a new issue I didn't find yet, and I would like to see your console's log to find what's wrong.
hi! :)

I'm on using 32.0.3.. Did they really change something crucial again ~_~'?

By stuck I mean that the 'save image' dialog isn't automatically accepted and the path isn't set to the correct folder.

Neither "what firefox should do with this file", nor Save image is accepted automatically..

(some random zip for demonstration)

I really appreciate your hard work and effort Cyan!
Hello :)

Your settings seem fine.
so maybe it's an issue with your Firefox version? which one are you using?
I'm currently on v31 and it works fine.
I tested nightly build v35 and it has an issue with detecting Private browsing, as a result it stopped working.

when you say you are stuck, what does it mean?
the prompt doesn't set the path automatically to the correct folder, or the dialog is not accepted automatically?

When using right-click, it can't automatically accept the download, only the "what firefox should do with this file" dialog can be auto-accepted.