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Forum > General discussion > Stuck at \'Save image\' dialog

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User info Stuck at \'Save image\' dialog
I don't remember I told it on this forum :o
I stopped taking lessons. I wasn't working enough and felt I wasn't progressing fast enough to play with others in the orchestra.
I spent more time on computer than rehearsal :/

I'll try to fix ASF when I'll update my Firefox version.
For now, it works fine with v31
hey cyan!
no worries.. You're doing a good job!

As it seems it really is linked to the auto-save feature.. But the save destination change doesn't work for some files (e.g. *.zip, *.exe).

Really appreciate the hard work, thanks man!
btw. how is it going with your violin playing?
I'm sorry it still doesn't work for you :(

When I tried Firefox 35 it worked fine (as long as I removed the private browsing detection).

Thank you for the log.
I know they marked few functions as deprecated and I'll have to recode the add-on, I just always hoped it didn't break on next version.

It doesn't seem the error is related to the deprecation, but to the fact the window is hidden when ASF runs.
Maybe the auto-accept is the issue now?
Could you try to disable that option and click on the "Save" button manually? (I tested with Firefox 35 only with manual saving).