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User info Browser Settings not Sticking
Feb 26 2013, 10:14 pm

My name is Tad and I am experiencing a little trouble.

For some reason, firefox opens with an automatic save folder instructional tab.

It didn’t used to do that.

Also, when I alter my settings in FF to allow for my lone automatic save folder filter to work, the settings never stick.

For example.. I go to Firefox options and on the general tab I choose “Always ask me where to save files”

Then I go to automatic save folder settings and I put a check in the checkbox for “Do not show the file explorer, and automatically save to: Set by the filters”

I click OK.

Now when I go back to FF settings on the general tab, “Always ask me where to save files” is no longer selected as my preferred option.

Can you guys tell me what is going on here?

I’d really like to have automatic save folder working for me again.
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Feb 26 2013, 11:32 pm

The first problem is because the version 1.0.4 doesn't work with Firefox 18+
You need to update to the latest beta (1.0.5) available on this website (check the download page, there's a beta link)

The second problem:

In 1.0.4, the setting in ASF = the setting in Firefox.
If you change one, it change the other one as they are both meaning the same thing:

Either you want Firefox to "save to" someplace, and never asks where to save (which mean: "always save without displaying the file explorer" and not "do not ask what I want to do with the file")
You want to always being asked where to save the file by showing you the file explorer allowing you to rename the file and select a different folder before saving it.

At first, these option weren't part of ASF, but I put the option in ASF preference to make it easier to access/change the behavior without having to close ASF preferences and go to Firefox preferences to change it.

ASF 1.0.4 used to read/write and reflect the Firefox Setting, it wasn't its own setting.
it wasn't worded the same way, but it did the same thing.
I understand that users didn't understood that it was exactly the same thing.

In 1.0.5 (revision 116), I decided to rename the text used in ASF to reflect exactly the same text used by Firefox (which I don't like, but I guess it's better to use the one that users are used to see).
I don't like it because it's named "save to" (it doesn't imply that the file explorer will not open), and "Always ask where to save" doesn't imply that it's talking about the file explorer either (I'm sure users can be confused with the other "always ask" from the Application tab, which refer to the Save dialog, not the file explorer)
That's why, in ASF 1.0.4 I used the word "explorer" to explain better what was happening.

It was still a mirror of Firefox. changing one setting in either Firefox/ASF was reflected in the other place too.

At the same time, I decided to change these two settings completely and not mirror Firefox's preferences menu anymore.
If you set the setting in ASF, it will not affect Firefox's setting immediately, instead it will affect the Firefox's setting on your next download.

Setting it in Firefox is now useless and will not affect ASF anymore.
Now, ASF settings have a higher priority on the Firefox's setting as it's ASF which decide what Firefox will do with the download: display the file explorer or not.

Maybe it's now even more confusing, as now that the ASF setting are using the same text than Firefox's settings, maybe users will think it's reflecting it? but it's not a mirrored option anymore. it's now independent.
Maybe I should put back the reference to "File explorer"?
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Jun 13 2013, 7:47 pm
I have this same problem and it is driving me crazy. I'm running rev 125 (Automatic_Save_Folder_1.0.5bRev125.xpi) on Firefox 21.0. Frequently -- it doesn't seem to be after every download but I'm having difficulty telling -- Firefox reverts from "Always ask me where to save files" to "Save files to <FOLDERNAME>" under the "General" settings tab. Could you please post detailed instructions how to set up FF and ASFrev125 so that this stops happening?

Also, this version still lists itself as "Automatic Save Folder 1.0.4" in the Add-ons tab. You should update the xpi to display the correct version. Thanks.
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Jun 15 2013, 7:30 pm
There is a possible explanation for this being a compatibility problem between CCleaner and Firefox, rather than ASF and Firefox. There are links on both the Firefox and Piriform (CCleaner) forums describing the same issue, which is related to Mozilla having moved the location of bookmarks into the same file as that of downloads. Piriform released a CCleaner update on May 27th, which included an item "Improved Download History cleaning for Firefox" and which I've just installed. I will see if the problem has resolved itself.

Here are those two links:
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Sep 24 2013, 11:09 pm
Thank you for that information.
I don't use CCleaner and wouldn't have thought that an external program would be the problem.
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