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User info Problem with downloading using filters
Feb 10 2014, 10:28 pm
Hi, I've installed Automatic Save Folder plug-in and created a new download filter with such parameters:

Domain name: all;
file name: all;
local folder: valid for downloading a folder via browser.

And according to install instructions setted in options "Do not show the file explorer, and automatically save to: Set by the filters".

After downloading some files I've noticed that there are no expected results - files are downloading to Mozilla -> Preferences -> "Save files to" field.

I've read and understood that plug-in download place priority is more valuable then Firefox, but after setting the above parameters files are not downloading according to that filter.

What is the problem of that and how can I fix it?

P.S: sorry of my pure english
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Feb 23 2014, 12:50 pm

Did you set the filetype you are downloading to "always ask" in the Tools>options>Application tab?

It should open the "What should firefox do with this file" window when you download the file, where it let you choose if you want to open it directly into an application or save the file to disk. it will also display an additional menu with folder choices if you select that option in ASF preferences.

ASF functions are triggered on that window only. if it doesn't display, ASF will not sort any downloads.
I wished I could code it to trigger even if that window never display, but I couldn't do it with my browser's knowledge. So, you need to set "always ask" to filter your downloads.

If that window bother you, there's an option to automatically accept/close that window in ASF preferences.

When you select "Save file" in that window, it will check your setting you mentioned above to determine whether it will open the file explorer or save without any prompt.
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