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Forum > Development & Bug report > "dynamic folder creation" is 1 level only now

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User info "dynamic folder creation" is 1 level only now
Jul 26 2014, 10:13 am
I can't remember in which version it started, but this bug remains in 1.0.5bRev127 (FF 31.0 Linux).
If make directory have to be done more than once, it fails and the save file window is opened for default path.

E.g. domain filter is "" with typical save path "foo/bar/%asf_rd%/.*[/=]%asf_rd%" and URL is "". It will fail the first time, but the whole hierarchy can be created incrementally by trying to save (and dismissing path dialog) from "", which creates "foo/bar/", then "" etc - or manually the whole path. Then it will work normally until URL changes to "" requiring to create /08/ - and so on.
This wouldn't be too bad if all patterns were this simple and if a lot of sites didn't break manual navigation mid-hierarchy with 404 redirects.
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