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Forum > Development & Bug report > Ctrl+S Not working the same as Right Click > Save

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User info Ctrl+S Not working the same as Right Click > Save
Aug 24 2014, 11:23 am
First off, nifty addon. Great job working on it, it's amazing and saves me a bunch of time flipping though different folders constantly.

Anyway, pretty much what the title says.
When I Right Click > Save, the filters work. However, when I use Ctrl+S, firefox attempts to save where it's configured to (Users/*/Downloads, currently).
So Ctrl+S doesn't seem to work right with ASF, but Right Click > Save does.
This mostly effects images and such that I attempt to download.

Currently using the most up to date beta (As of this post) and Firefox 31.0.

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Aug 29 2014, 7:21 pm
I just tried and it worked.
Only issue I found is when trying to save a page with ">" in the page's title. (probably replaced by Firefox to fix OS/Partition incompatible characters).

I'm also on Firefox 31, and latest beta. (I didn't work on new version since latest revision, so I have the same version as you).

verify that you have the option "enable filters on menu" enabled.
If it's disabled, the File>Save as... or CTRL+S don't work.

Also check the type of domain you want to filter. (option, page2)

You can also check if it's an issue with your filter or with the addon.
Open the console (CTRL+Shift+J, or ConsoleČ addon if you have)
Clear the console
Save your page (keyboard short-cut, mouse right-click, or menu) and see if ASF is triggered and find the correct values for the page and URL you currently browse.

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