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User info [Done in r76] Possible to use together with DownThemAll?
Jan 30 2010, 9:16 am
Hi, thanks for the addon! I was wondering if there is a way to use Automatic Save Folder in conjunction with the DownThemAll extension? I tried, but DTA doesnt seem to follow the filters specified in ASF.
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Jan 30 2010, 5:04 pm
I didn't look at DownThemAll yet, but for long I didn't understand what it could benefit from ASF.

I think what people want is the "save file in :" from the "save with DTA" to be filled with the ASF filtered folder, right ?

I will have to search the way I can change it, but I think I will have to ask DTA first, before releasing my addon as a plugin for his.

I'll look into it in the next final release (1.0.1, not 1.0)
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Jan 31 2010, 10:51 am
Yes, I can't get DTA to use the filters defined by ASF. If I use DTA to bulk download lets say 10 pdfs and 14 images from a page, then ideally DTA would use my pdf folder defined by ASF for storing those and the image folder for the images. Not a big deal, but it would be awesome. :)

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Feb 8 2010, 3:14 am
Yes! This would be awesome. This is a feature request that has existed for dTa forever... more robust filters for "save in" folder. ASF has a very robust filter/naming system, and if it would be at all possible to toggle dTa and have ASF populate the "save files in" field using its filter rules it would become immeasurably more useful/powerful.

The power of filters/scripting really shines when performing bulk operations. dTa is already great at allowing bulk downloads, so if ASF could be worked into dTa as a sort of plugin so that its filter rules applied to files downloaded with dTa it would save sooo much time.

Thanks in advance for the great addon :)
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Feb 19 2010, 7:35 pm
I just checked it, I will be able to set the folder for 1 file at a time (using the save dialog, as it's already the case).
ASF will not allow DTA to set multiple folders using dta one click (is that what you called bulk download?) to download every files on a page with their respective ASF filters. It would be handy, but it's not possible.
It's the job to DTA developers to add a filtering features per files to store them in different folders according to filters, using dtaOneClick.

Concerning what ASF can do, do you want ASF to :
1- replace the first suggested dta folder?
2- add a new folder on top of the folder's list, and delete the last one?
3- Let the user choose inside ASF option tab between option 1 or 2? (maybe the best choice)

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Mar 1 2010, 10:57 pm
Hey, thanks for the response.

The use case I'm really thinking of when I say "bulk download" is image downloading. Let's say you have an album where family photos are uploaded, and every once in awhile you like to go to that webpage and download all the images using dTa so you have an updated local copy of the images.

It would be really nice if there was some way that when you used either one click or the dTa download manager the "save in" folder was set based on the filtering rules that ASF allows. And personally, I think replacing the top folder and deleting the last folder would be the best way to do it (but there is nothing wrong with letting a user set that in the options like you suggested, but I think adding to the top of the list and deleting the oldest is the "expected" behavior).

The main problem I am having right now is that if I want to download many things at once (which is what I mean by "bulk download"), ASF is only invoked when the Firefox "save as" dialog is invoked, and if I want to save all the images on a webpage (as I mentioned in the scenario above), I don't want to have to right click each picture one at a time to save it; I want to just invoke dTa once and have all the pictures saved to a specific folder.

There are two ways to solve/work around this issue that occur to me which would involve having ASF options in the context menu (similar to how they exist for dTa now):

1) in the ASF right-click submenu one option would be "copy ASF output to clipboard" (or however you want to word it)

This option would basically run the ASF filter on whatever file/page you just right clicked and if it matches a filter it would copy the "save in" folder output to the clipboard so you could paste it in wherever you wanted. So you could do this first, and then invoke dTa like normal and simply paste the output ASF placed in the clipboard into the "save in" field. This would work for any download manager, not just dTa.

2) option two would be similar to the idea of option one, but given that dTa is the most popular download manager for firefox, it would let the user skip a step. It would basically replace the top folder of the dTa "save in" field, push everything else down, and delete the last (like dTa does natively) and then simply "invoke" dTa the same way as if you had clicked dTa directly. There can be two modes. ASF > dTa oneclick, and ASF > DownThemAll. They would both do the same thing, but it would just either invoke dTa oneclick or cause the dTa Manager window to pop up (so a user can make any tweaks if they wanted before running dTa). Basically, preserving the two options a user has for calling dTa normally.

I'm sorry for the long post, but I'm just trying to be clear in why and how I think a feature like this could work (and why it would be useful).

Thanks again, and look forward to your reply. :D
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Mar 2 2010, 12:03 am
Don't mind the long post, it is well written :D

I thought "bulk" was a way to set a different folder for every downloads according to ASF filters, using the DTA right-click menu and it's own filtering menu.

For example, what I thought (which is not possible, unfortunately), a web-page has many images in jpg and png.
ASF has 2 filters set to download images in different folders (jpg in J and png in P for example).
Select DownThemAll!... right-click menu, and select "image (jpg, png...)" to download every images of the page (both jpg and png at the same time).
DownThemAll would then ask ASF for every file and save each file-type in the folder according to ASF filters (J or P).

I think it would be great if it worked like that, don't you think ? :p
But DTA doesn't trigger ASF, so ASF can only set the folder 1 time, before DTA is launched.

For your option 1 : I don't know yet how to work with clipboard, but I can look into it.
For option 2 :
I Like your idea ! but I'm sorry it can't be done :(
2 reason :
- The filtering on right-click is done right before the file explorer appear. it need the data from the Firefox saving function to know downloaded filename and hosted domain. If the Firefox saving window doesn't load, I can't read the file's data and then can't check the filters. (That's a downside of my poor programming skill, I don't know how to read these data myself, so I look into Firefox saving process which has the data for me ready to be read)

- When you right-click to select DTA you don't click on a particular element but on the page, then DTA menu appear with a listing of files present on the page and few filters OR if using DTA Oneclick it uses the last filter+saving folder set in standard DTA.
ASF can't trigger anything if no element is selected on the page, as there is nothing to filter before DTA opens :/
I don't know if I'm explaining well enough.
Maybe it could be done if I knew how to read an element filename/location from right-clicking on it. I could then make your solution 1 with "copy ASF output to clipbloard".

Solution :
Your option 1 is almost the solution !

Right-click and select "save link as...", the file explorer opens with the folder filtered by ASF.
Copy the destination folder to clipboard and close the saving dialog.
Right-click and open DTA, paste the folder to the "Save to" field.

What ASF can do though, it's "set the last ASF right-click filtered folder to DTA" in the right-click menu, to skip the manual "copy/paste" part.

I will also add a "dta icon" button in ASF box on the "what should firefox do" dialog, so the user can select when he want DTA to use ASF filtered folder instead of seting it every time and loosing the DTA list of folder if the user change the radio choice too often in ASF.
Once again, I don't know if it's clear what I' saying :/
As long as I know what I need to do, it's ok !
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