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Forum > Development & Bug report > [Fixed in r129] Enforced Signed addon from Firefox 43

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User info [Fixed in r129] Enforced Signed addon from Firefox 43
Jan 30 2016, 10:23 am
I updated to firefox 43 and saw it now requires addon signing.
It can still be disabled (xpinstall.signatures.required in about:config), but it will not be possible starting from Firefox 46.

To sign it, the addon MUST validate on mozilla's website, and the current addon are not using the functions mozilla expect. beta addons don't need validation.
I'll try to host them as beta on mozilla, but I don't know if they are signing beta addons.

I'll try to fix the signing issue, but I still don't have time to re-work the addon completely to be validated (it requires using new API, etc.)

One of the issue for the validation is the user setting API, and the private navigation detection.
on last beta, I disabled the private navigation detection as a quick patch, but don't know how to properly detect it with the new method used by mozilla developers.
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Feb 7 2016, 2:43 pm
I uploaded the latest r128 "test" to mozilla beta page.
please, install it from this link, it's signed by mozilla.

All tests passed successfully without error, but I got 20 warnings.
I could release it because it's in the beta channel and is not verified by a developer.
If it weren't in beta channel, it wouldn't be accepted for the reason below:

NOTE : the "128test" version has the private browsing detection disabled and will always save information and latest used path to firefox settings.
If you care about your private action, please don't use this version.

I will try to fix the private browsing detection in the next release.
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Feb 8 2016, 1:05 pm
I added private browsing detection back.
Automatic Save Folder 1.0.5b129 (signed) is available on both mozilla and this website.
Users who had a beta installed should get an automatic updated message from firefox's addon manager.
Users who still have 1.0.4 will not get the update notice and should update to 129 manually.

I'm looking at the new e10s features, and see that ASF is currently not compatible.
But Firefox is automatically using a compatible mode to allow addons to still work, so all is fine.
Though, starting at Firefox 48 the compatibility will change, unless I mark the addon as non-compatible (which is fine, but not the correct way to fix it).

I looked at how e10s works, and it requires Asynch communication with all processes.
I don't know how to make ASF compatible with Asynch. If I add a loop until I receive the data back from the content window, firefox freeze.

Maybe releasing the sources on gihub will allow other developers to add compatibility if they already know how to do it.
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Feb 16 2016, 3:24 pm
Releasing on GitHub would be appreciated. Thank you.

Also, the source code link to no longer works.
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Feb 19 2016, 6:24 pm
Yes, I will have to update this website to fix all the links too.
currently it's hosted on sourceforge

I'll create a github account later.
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