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Forum > Development & Bug report > [Fixed in r74] Check current website url no longer happens.

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User info [Fixed in r74] Check current website url no longer happens.
Apr 6 2010, 2:33 am
When I first downloaded the current version (1.0.1), I was able to use current website URLs in filters successfully. Now, no longer. I have tried tweaking the options but have not found any fix. I have tried removing all other filters to make sure none are matched, and have tried various methods of opening files (right click, left click, options changed in what asf will do on opening, etc.). None work. I tried both simple filters and regular expressions. I tried putting the filters in file name (yes silly I know). I can't figure out why it worked originally either.

Current website URL when I try to get automatic save folder to catch:

Example tried filters:
Domain: rbm
Domain: 102
Domain: 18.102
Domain: *rbm*


Let me know if there is any fix for this. I of course would be willing to revert to older versions or mess around in about.config or whatever it might take.

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Apr 6 2010, 11:18 pm
Did you correctly set the option "Fall back to URL if domain doesn't match ?" (hey, I know it's obvious, but I just want to be sure)
I think I changed the return result to match only the domain and no more the full URL.

Edit :
Do you use it with Dynamic folder ?
I found a bug just after 1.0.1, where the dynamic folder doesn't use the full URL when the filter Fallback to current URL.

Edit 2 :
What's odd is that you mention it was working the first time you used 1.0.1

By checking the source, I think it's not reading the full URL but only the domain name, and it's like that from the start with left-click, and for many revisions now for right-click (I corrected it to match the left-click. It was the Full URL at the beginning).

I want to add an option to let the user choose either the domain only or the full URL.
In the meantime, you can change the source yourself to always check on the full URL.

I can explain to you what you need to edit in the source.
If you don't know enough, I can create a special version for you.
Though, I would prefer that you make it yourself (it's easy to edit the add-on).

Let me know.
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Apr 10 2010, 11:56 pm
In fact I think I will change the source and submit it to the SVN, it will correspond to the explication better "use the website URL", so let's use the full URL.

Edit :
I just submitted the fix to SVN, and released beta r74 including this fix.
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