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Forum > Development & Bug report > [Fixed in r90] Dynamic folder bug

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User info [Fixed in r90] Dynamic folder bug
Aug 27 2010, 11:32 pm
I just discovered this plugin today and think it's great stuff. :D

However, it has bug with dynamic folders - they don't work right for the topmost filter (the one whose index is 0). From my quick look, the problem is that createfolder will think an index wasn't passed in if its value is 0. There's probably some other bugs that'll be triggered if you check "if (idx >= 0)" instead of just "if (idx)" as you have now since that's probably a default value for idx if a value isn't passed in so instead I just have a non-dynamic filter as my top-most one to work around this. Just a heads-up. :)
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Aug 28 2010, 3:20 pm
Thank you for the info and pointing the issue.

I should have thought about that :/

I'll rewrite this function in rev89, as I'm modifying a lot of things for the next release, this function needs an update too (in the process of removing the slashes around regular expressions filters). So I'll look at it at the same time.


Edit : Done in r90
Thanks for the report.
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