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Forum > Development & Bug report > Filters not working for ALT-key downloads

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User info Filters not working for ALT-key downloads
Sep 2 2010, 1:20 pm
In Firefox I have selected "Save files to ..." and choose my standard download folder "~/Downloads".

Then I open the prefs of your add-on. I create one filter, that exactly matches a domain name, like "" and tell it to use the download folder "~/Downloads/Sample" for all files coming from there. At the bottom of this tab I choose that files that don't match any filter shall be saved to "This folder:" and again put in "~/Downloads".

Then I switch to the option tab and check only a single checkbox "Do not show the file explorer, and automatically save to ..." and select "Set by filters". Now I close the prefs again.

I go to Google and download chrome, just as a sample:

The download ends up in my ~/Downloads folder. So far, so well.

I go to and download a file from there.

The download correctly ends up in ~/Downloads/Sample. Again, so far, so well.

However, what your add-on has done is, it has changed my Standard Download directory to ~/Downloads/Sample. When I download a file from anywhere else on the web, for that no filter matches, it will correctly change it back to "~/Downloads", as expected. But when I instead go to a webpage, click the link to another web page by keeping "ALT" key pressed, which means don't open the link, download the link, the downloaded web page ends up in "~/Downloads/Sample", although it should end up in "~/Downloads"; however your add-on is simply skipped for this download and the current download path is being used, which is whatever path I have last downloaded a file to. Do you see the problem?
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Sep 3 2010, 9:47 pm
Yes I see.
It was already been reported though.

It seems the alt+click doesn't use the same process as right-click to process the download/find filename/header/etc.
but directly open the file explorer.

ASF is running alongside with the Firefox download script, if the download script is not launched by firefox, ASF is not launched either.

I really don't know how nor why firefox uses 2 different methods, instead of using always the usual script.
I have to find if there's another script running right before the file explorer. If there's one, I will be able to add ASF to it. If the file explorer opens without any download script, ASF will never work with Alt+click sorry :(

For the moment, I don't know if it's possible or not, But I'll search for it and add it when I can :D

When I talk about a download script, it's like this :

Right click :
- click on a link
- Firefox run a script to obtain the file's data (filename, size, host, URL, etc.) *ASF included here*
- Firefox checks if it has to ask for the file explorer or no
- If yes, opens the file explorer, to modify the filename and save path
- Send the file data and give the hand to the Download Manager

single click :
- click on a link
- Firefox read the filename/mime type sent from the hosting server (different than the one with right-click, I can't include ASF here, due to file access)
- Firefox check for the mime type in the "tools/options/applications" tab,
-- if the given mime type is set to "save to..." ->skip next step, if set to "always ask..." go to next step
- Firefox open "what should Firefox do with this file" *ASF included here* (that's why this window is needed)
- Firefox checks if it has to ask for the file explorer or not
-- if yes, open the File explorer
- Send the file data and give the hand to the Download Manager

Atl+click :
- alt-click a link
- Firefox read the filename/mime Type ? another file, different than both single and right click ? it seems so :/
- Open the File explorer
- Send the file data and give the hand to the Download Manager
I don't know which file is used by Firefox so I can put ASF into.

All three methods send the data to Download Manager.
If I could run ASF at this moment, that would be great too !:o
But DownThemAll integration won't work anymore (as it doesn't use the manager), and other download add-ons could conflict.
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