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User info ASF failing to show
Sep 6 2010, 4:42 am
I installed asf, and checked that I have the file type associations for media i download set to "Always ask", yet the asf dialog doesn't appear in the download dialog, and asf isn't switching to the directory defined by my filters. I have tried reinstalling asf, with the same issues. I am using firefox 3.6.8. The extension shows up in the addons menu.
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Sep 6 2010, 6:14 pm
If all is perfectly setup, but ASF still doesn't work or doesn't show in the save dialog, it's usually due to a script bug (My fault ! :o), or a conflict with another add-on.

Please, follow this :
go to the page you want to download your file
open the error console (Ctrl+Maj+J)
Clear the error console logs, so it's easier to read.
download your file to show the save dialog, and look at the error console.
report here the error you see in the error console. (it should be related to ASF, something written like "chrome://asf/content/" etc. )

Which ASF version are you using ?
1.0.1, or a 1.0.2beta ? (tell me which rev if beta)

In case you don't have any error in the error console :
verify in ASF options that you checked "view options when downloading".
If you can, tell me your filter, website, filename. (you can use the BBS code [filter ] [/filter ])
When posting a message click on the "Filter" button in the smiley bar, and follow the instructions.
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