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Forum > Development & Bug report > zip files sent to wrong folder

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User info zip files sent to wrong folder
Jan 4 2011, 10:34 pm

I am using ASF on FF 3.6.13 with OS X 10.6.5. I have ASF set up to send *.pdf files to a temporary folder, which works great! This is the only filter in place, and all other files are sent to the default download folder. Unfortunately, it seems that *.zip are also sent to the same temporary folder.

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Jan 8 2011, 2:28 pm
Could it be that your .zip files are located on the same website as your pdf ?

At the bottom of the first tab (Filter tab) in ASF preferences, you have an option to save non-filtered download to the same folder than the previous file if they are both from the same domain.
If you want to reset to the default path, unckeck the check box.

If it's unchecked and you still have that problem, let me know.
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