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User info Specific filter request
Jan 30 2013, 7:20 pm
I would like all Comic Book Reader files to go to a specific directory. The file extensions are:

I've tried several variations of the given examples, and have had problems. Here's my current try: ".*(.cbz|cbr|cb7)$" (no regexp).

Also, is there any way to erase history? I lost a drive letter in a shuffle, and ASF still tries to put things on the M: drive.
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Feb 2 2013, 12:07 am

Your filter is correct, but you need to enable the Regexp checkbox.
There's an unneeded point (dot) "." before cbz, but it would not affect the result.
The correct filter looks like this:
Filters Domain
= Regexp.
File name
= Regexp.
Local folder

Anything, ending by either cbz, cbr or cb7

It can also be written like this:

Anything ending by .cb and one of the letter z, r or 7
the "\." is a search pattern for the dot before the file's extension.

If you have only one letter choice, you can also write the possible letters in brackets instead of the parentheses, it will use only one of them.


All 3 versions will work. Select the one you understand better.


About the history, I guess you don't talk about the filters you created in ASF (it's easy to change the path), but you talk about the suggested paths, like "previous path used for that website".
It's a problem caused by Firefox 7.0.1+
It's now saving path based on the website's URL, so if you download a file from a website you already visited and from which you saved a file on letter M:, it will suggest that path again.

I don't know an easy way to delete this history (maybe an add-on exists to list and edit the paths).

There's a way to edit the saved path in Firefox's history manually, but you need access to the database.
I'm using an add-on for that purpose (SQLite Manager), and loading the file located here:
C:\Documents and Settings\Cyan\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\\content-prefs.sqlite
(select "content-prefs" in the drop down list, in SQLite Manager window)

You can browse the content of three tables (URL, Path, Type).
You can now edit the paths manually.

In the SQL Command field, you can use this query to browse the three database as a single one:
Quote :
SELECT, prefs.value, as Type FROM groups, prefs, settings WHERE prefs.groupID AND prefs.settingID =
But you can't edit or delete when in this form.
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