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User info OneDomainDifferentLinksHowSaveFile to diff folders
Apr 12 2014, 11:12 pm
Hallo. You have good job whitch your extension. But can You add something like this not only domain for download. Automatic save Folder for firefox but in this addons i can configuration only domain, i want configurating the for example and from that link download file automatically to specific folders. In Automatic save folder if i configure for example and and set two different folders file save only to one of this. Please help me or maybe i missing something and it is possibilyty to do that in configuration?
Please help me.
Best regards
Robert Szeliga
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May 8 2014, 11:59 pm

sorry for the long wait for the reply.

You can choose to filter on different part (not only the domain).
Go to Settings > Options > Page 2
place your mouse on the [help] text, and you will have more parts to choose.

If you want an example with your website and your file, open the log window :
1. Open the page where you have your download
2. open Tools > Dev tools > browser console (CTRL+Shift+J) (or install console² add-on)
3. Select the JS (you can disable the other one) and clear the console
3. Download your file, and look at the console.

You will see a list of different Domains you can use for the filter.
for example:

Quote :
Automatic Save Folder :
These data will be used to verify the filters :
Domain test order: 1,3,5,6,8
1 - File's domain:
2 - File's URL:
3 - Full file's URL:
4 - Page's domain:
5 - Page's URL:
6 - Page's referrer:
7 - Tab's URL content:
8 - Tab's group name:

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