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User info Filter not triggered from one specific server
Mar 26 2016, 4:58 pm
Please help, I am despairing..

I want files with name: *.otrkey to go into a specific folder. This works fine for all servers I tested -- except one. There, ASF reacts as if no filter matched and uses the last used folder, also if used from another filter for other filetypes.

This is a typical URL for such a file: (Click on the "Hier" in "Hier klicken um den Download zu beginnen.")
Note: the server allows only 3 downloads per hour, more tries return 403 - Forbidden instead of a file URL.

The resulting file to download has a URL that is similar to this:

The subdomain befor "" varies, so does the part after "/dl/" before the file name (a download ID?).

I have tried filtering domain (variations on "" and "", with and witout regexp) as well as file name (variations on ".otrkey"), to no avail.

The issue is reproducible with this simple filter

Filters Domain
= Regexp.
File name
= Regexp.
Local folder
If the file doesn't match any filter, save to:
The last folder
This folder:
Use the last folder if the file is from the same domain

Downloads of the same file with the same name from other sources work fine.
The problem exists
- if the download is started automatically after the countdown,
- if I click the link to download, and
- if I copy the link from the text field to the adress bar manually.
Therefore I guess something in the file URL makes ASF hiccup.

I'm at the end of my wits -- any ideas what to do?

EDIT: ASF 1.0.5bRev129, FF 45.0
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May 18 2016, 9:20 am

I'm sorry I didn't see your message earlier.

It could be two different things, as you didn't post the logs I can't see what is really filtered and found or not.
It's either :

1) The filter's order.
be sure there's no other filters which triggers before the one you want (it's checked in top-bottom order). You can verify if there are unexpected filter triggered by opening the ASF filter list from the Firefox download windows (click on the "+ add/edit" icon).

2) The domain type.
In the options, page 2, you can define which domain type are used to compare the downloaded file with.
It could be either the file's domain, or the website's domain, etc.
if the file is hosted on another website than the one the link is located, that's the option you have to change.

It's usually easy to find which one you have to use by looking at the download log (Shift+CTRL+J) while downloading with ASF.

But it seems you have the issue even without filtering domains at all? just filtering the filename with the file extension can be the filter order, or maybe there's another issue or bug I didn't thought of.

Having logs would help.
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May 19 2016, 9:44 am
Thank you for the help.

The domain type seems to have been the solution; I set the list to "3,1,2,4,5" and first tests show it works now as expected. Puzzled me slightly, because all my filters are domain ="*".

Looking at the latest Mozilla reviews by limofs and Sokonomi who seem to have a related issue, I wonder whether there might be a bug around the domain filter. The standard "1,5" domain type seems to fail if the downloaded file is on a different domain from the active page even when domain is "All". But I may be wrong; did not test more in-depth.

Thanks for your work!
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