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User info [Done in r115] Filter by URL and referrer
Mar 12 2012, 6:23 pm
I tested saving a file located on another server than the current webpage, and Firefox is using the File's Domain to as the "site-by-site" domain to use.

I tried saving a file from
The file is located on (not always from that IP, they have different servers).

Firefox is storing this info in the content-pref.slite file located in your user pref folder: =
prefs.value = the path I browsed in the file explorer to choose where I saved the file. =

So it's using the File's host and not the webpage host from where the download originated.
Automatic Save Folder is now using the File's host too (since r115), and used the website host in r1.0.4 (r114 and bellow).
So I think ASF is now correctly setting and reading the domain value in Firefox settings.

So, I still don't understand why it's not working for you.
I would need more information from you to help me find the problem.
Maybe even using a debug version if you have the time to help me.


If you want to check your own database content, you can install this add-on :
Then go to tools/SQLite Manager
Once loaded, in the toolbar click on "Directory" and select "Profile directory"
Then select the file "content-pref.sqlite" in the dropdown menu.
You have now all the information saved for each website (Zoom value, Dictionary language, Last Download dir, Last Upload dir).

Click on the third tab (Execute SQL) and enter this command
Quote :
SELECT, prefs.value, as Type FROM groups, prefs, settings WHERE = prefs.groupID AND prefs.settingID =
Press "Execute the SQL Command" and you will see all the data in human readable format.
Post #11
Mar 14 2012, 10:06 am
I tested ASF on Firefox 11 today.
The preference error is no longer present (I guess it was only a bug from aurora).
I'll check again ASF with Firefox beta/nightly to make ASF compatible with them, but I'm glad it's working fine with Firefox 11 without any changes.
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Mar 14 2012, 11:18 pm
Interesting that you should mention mediafire, ASF r114 was having trouble saving from that site specifically (and a few others) for me (which is what prompted me to update, while r115 plus worked just fine. Now I see why.

Ill be checking r117 in the release branch as well, and also check out the addon (gives me an excuse to brush up on my SQL).

Thank you for pursuing this, ASF is a must have addon for me.
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Mar 15 2012, 9:24 am
For me too :D
ASF and AutoCopy are the two add-ons I need everyday.

I hope I can fix your problem (or find what's wrong in your settings if it's not a bug).
You already said you updated to r117 but you couldn't test it as the filters didn't work.
I thought non of your filters worked, but if it's specific to website or filter, I would like more details.
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Mar 16 2012, 11:16 am
For by site-by-site the last folder for mediafire would always default to one particular directory, regardless of where I saved any file with 1.0.4. In r115 and up, it didnt work at all. ASF ignored all of my settings (defaulting to saving all left click downloads to the desktop automatically) and filters. Im willing to wager that something broke as I occasionally switch back and forth between release and Aurora on the same browser profile. Im going to try it on a clean profile in Firefox 11 and see if that helps anything.

Also, if you want me to help debug Ill be happy to assist.

Edit: did some messing around, and deleting content-prefs seemed to solved the filter issue, now im trying to delete a few suspect entries to see if I can avoid deleting the entire thing

Edit2: Seems it only works once, once firefox fills in the site-by-site data for the domain, it ignores (Edit:ASF, same issue with the clean profile...odd)
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Mar 18 2012, 11:36 am
You say it's defaulting to desktop for each download?

Does rightclick and leftclick doing the exact same result ? (I'm using two different script, I may mess one and not the other).

In the log you shown on the previous page, ASF is working correctly, and set the path YOU decided in the filter into both lastDir and Database for the current domain.

When the file explorer is opened, is it always the desktop? or one of the folder present in the database?
If it's one of the database, does the used domain from the database make sense?

Maybe ASF is not setting the path to the correct domain, and firefox load the path from the correct one (and thus a different path).

What would be useful:
Tell me your current website and the link's URL. Are they using two different domain ?*
Then save, and copy the ASF log from the console.
Tell me which path is opened by the file explorer instead of the one set by ASF.
Copy the content of your content-prefs (or post a link) so I can explore its content and see the difference between what Firefox and ASF are doing.

* If it's mediafire then yes it will be different domain.
Mediafire is hosting the files on DIFFERENT IP addresses instead of using DNS.
Be sure that each time you use mediafire the file is hosted on the same IP. (try downloading the same file multiple times, and not a different file to do the tests).

If you download a different file, it will be host on a different server, so it's normal that ASF doesn't find the previous path for mediafire, as it's using a different IP address.

Maybe try to download a file not on Mediafire. try a direct download from a website page.
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