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User info Option for handling existing files
Dec 18 2011, 10:42 am
Hello! First of all I would like to thank you for this awesome add-on that really makes file saving so much easier. Paired with something like QuickDrag it does wonders on quick-saving images, and automatic sorting.

The extensive Wishlist/Roadmap is making me shiver with anticipation (might be the draft, actually). However, one thing I did not find in the current version of ASF and in the roadmap (as well as the requests forum, after a quick glimpse) is the option for handling files with the same name. When ASF skips the Save file… dialog, it appends (number) to the name, and that is a great default behavior, but a little customization won't hurt. Like an option to replace the file, or not to download it at all (or, when dynamic naming is beaten, to make a date append etc.).

Hope this feature is demanded and not difficult to implement. Thanks again!
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Dec 18 2011, 12:27 pm

The current file renaming convention is done by Firefox saving script.
ASF is only used to change the saving path before Firefox downloads the file.

When the download is set to not show the file browser, it rename the file with (01) (02) etc.

I would like to make a more "user friendly" renaming, but I need a way to change the suggested file name.
I currently can do it only with Right-click>save as... downloads, but I can't access the saving script with single click :(
Maybe I should ask Mozilla developers if there's a better way to work with the saves.
Or check how the other add-ons are working, but for example, DownThemAll! or VideoDownloadHelper add-ons are using their own download script, not the one from Firefox, so they are not working with each other. I would like ASF to stay compatible with all other add-ons.

I wish I could access both right and single click saving functions, that way I could add different features, like :

- Renaming the files based on filters, tags, number, counter, etc. (Currently possible in right-click only)
- Set different options for conflicting file names. (Currently possible in right-click only)
- Create filters based on the downloaded file size (Currently possible in single-click only)

These options could already be done in only one saving type, but I chose not to add partial features, the filters wouldn't work the same way whether the user save it with right-click or single-click. It would be confusing.

Thanks to all the users having interest in ASF :)
I have a lot of suggestions to include, but I'm not working fast.
I also have to recode a lot of the add-on sources to be cleaner too (It's currently based on Firefox 1.5).

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Dec 19 2011, 6:34 pm
Thank you for the prompt reply! Somehow missed that all those features are tied up to that single-click routine. But we all now know what to eagerly await for in the future. I wish I could help, though…
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