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Forum > Wishlist, Feature request > [REQ] Remember last saved folder only if no filter

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User info [REQ] Remember last saved folder only if no filter
Jun 23 2012, 6:04 pm

It would be great if last saved folder would only be remembered if filter not found, or if user chosen to save "filtered" file somewhere else.

For example a filter set to save .abc files to folder C:\abc\

When clicked on .bcd file, user saved it to C:\bcd\
then when clicked on .abc file, it offered save it to C:\abc\ (as per filter), user saved it there.
clicked on .bcd file again, it offered save it to C:\bcd\, not C:\abc\
clicked on .abc even though it offered save it to C:\abc\ user saved it to C:\bcd\abc\ instead
clicked on .bcd it offered save it to C:\bcd\abc\

Thank you.
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Jun 24 2012, 3:32 pm

I think you thought only about your case, but not about other users.

This would work only if you based your idea on checking the file extension? (.bcd is the extension, right?)
Some users may want to compare the "bcd" to some other part of the filename, not only the extension, etc.

If it's based on the extension only, then ASF would need a database of used extensions by the user.
for example, remembering that all ".zip" files would go to the last folder where the user saved the "non filtered" .zip file, but if a zip file is part of a filter don't suggest the previous "non filtered" path.

Well, the idea could work if it's based on filters only, but it would require a lot of work and users may find it confusing or hard to set up.
(some users even said that the current addon is too hard to understand because the user has to create the filters himself, instead of choosing a simple "all images pre-filters -> in that folder").

Unfortunately, I can't detect the folder selected by the user. (see at the bottom of my message).

Or did you refered to "all unfiltered files" by saying ".bcd"?

If your idea is only "for all files without a filter", then Mozilla already added an option which is similar, but based on domain only.
It's "remember the last saved path on a site-by-site basis".
You can enable that option for download without filter matching by choosing:
If no filter matched :
[x] Use the last saved folder (*) memorize on a site-by-site basis.

in that case, if a filter is found -> it use the filter folder
if no filter is found -> it use the last used folder for that file's domain

- About your idea "only if the user chose to save somewhere else than the filtered path" is not possible.
Firefox store user's selected path to "lastDir" automatically, whether there where a filter or not. It's not Automatic Save Folder which memorize the saved path so I can't detect if the user chose the suggested path or changed it manually before saving the file.

I'm sorry I can't include all these suggestions.
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Jun 24 2012, 7:15 pm
I meant it as filter based, not extension based.
In my example it meant to be filter *.abc saving files to C:\abc\ folder.

At the moment I can't check it myself (getting ready reinstall Windows), but there is a way to accomplish it by saving data from before it get replaced by new path.
So basically backup value of lastDir, if file matched a filter, after file saved restore lastDir from the backup, that way it will not use path from previously matched filter when saving file that didn't match any filter.

Perhaps such behavior could be controlled by "global" setting or setting per filter (such as "exclude this filter from storing as last used folder")
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Jun 25 2012, 9:11 am
Quote :
after file saved restore lastDir from the backup,
That's the thing I can't do.
I can only access LastDir when the save dialog is open.
ASF is not running when the user save the file.

I can read LastDir before replacing it (it's currently done to check the last used dir, but then it's always replaced by the current download's path).
I would need to create two new variables to store the Lastdir and if a filter matched or not.

It could be a good idea to keep the real lastDir (so I can restore it if the user cancel the download).

I will see what I can do about your request without being too confusing for users.
I have to keep in minds that there are newbies using it, I don't want to make it too complicated ^^
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Jun 12 2013, 11:28 pm
Hi, I was planning to write about a similar request and then found this post. The way Cyan replied, it seems that my wish won't be possible from a technical point of view. I'll include my explanation nonetheless:

1.) I use one filter with its local folder "C:\type one\", which includes a number of other sub-folders up to three levels deep.
2.) I only download images to it by right-clicking on them and using "Save Image As ...", meaning that I do not get your modified file save dialogue.
3.) Now I have set the folder for this filter to "C:\type one\", but as I keep saving several images to the same sub-folder in a row, I am always reverted back to the base folder of "C:\type one\". I need to modify the file path each and every time.
4.) The way it works now, this extension does not actually help me save time. The standard 'remember the last used folder' use in Firefox would be easier and faster.

What I would like to see: split the 'Last Folder' into several threads. I'd need an option, available for each filter, which uses not the static local folder, but allows the folder to be changed/updated by the user's actions. Every time a file was saved with the filter, update the local folder for it.

In this way, I could use a different filter or none at all, save the file to a whole different path, and then come back to this filter and pick up exactly where I left, for example at "C:\type one\sub\folder\".

Why I would like to see this implementation: a) because I actually save several images to the same sub folder in a row and b) because going upwards in a directory path is easier in a modern save file dialogue as going down.
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