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Forum > Wishlist, Feature request > [Done in r119] Save folder based on tab group (Panorama)

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User info [Done in r119] Save folder based on tab group (Panorama)
Jul 26 2012, 5:22 pm
Hey there,

I make heavy use of Panorama (FF's Tab Grouping feature) and typically have 80+ tabs open, grouped according to what I'm working on. This grouping almost always corresponds to where I wish to save files to - essentially I've already done the work of classification that this add-on tries to achieve through a set of rules, and typically done it better (ie encoding more info) than any ruleset ever could.

As such I think it would be incredibly handy if this add-on also supported selection of a download folder based on the name (or regex-matched name) of the tab group of the originating tab.

If I can can find some spare time I might be able to contribute to the development of this idea, but would probably need you to point me in the right direction, assuming you like the idea and would wish to see it incorporated.
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Jul 27 2012, 9:04 am

I like the idea :)

I will search how this element is accessed and add it.
I can't provide you a release date as I'm also working on another project, but I'll add it when I can.

If you want to work on it and submit a patch you will have to add a new filter place (domain type, add a 8th element in the list), and add its verification to three different files: One for left click (download.js), and one for right click (asf_rightclick.js), and one for the preference dialog (asf.js) to allow detection and highlight of matching filters.
(in a later update, I plan to fuse these files to use only one function instead of three)

There's an API to access all tab's elements which I'm already using it to retrieve the active tab. The tab's group informations should be easily accessible from it too.

That's only the main direction, I didn't explain in detail what you need to change.
I will certainly do it myself in few days.
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Aug 21 2012, 2:51 pm

I added Group name to the domain type.

It's working only if the active tab is not a pinned tab (App Tab), as they are displayed on all groups at the same time.

Check the latest beta r119 on the download page.
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Mar 15 2013, 9:59 am
Just came back and saw this. You are a champion!
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