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Forum > Wishlist, Feature request > [Done in r86] Sort Based on Domain Subfolder?

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User info [Done in r86] Sort Based on Domain Subfolder?
Sep 29 2011, 3:27 pm
Ok, sounds good.

I would like to automate transfers from:

So upon click the File name is actually the post string and the category is found as "music"


So Domain looks like D:\Downloads\Music\Fatboy Chubb (so everything upto the "-")

Please let me know what you think.

Oh and Thanks again for your help/ Very quick reply.


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Sep 30 2011, 2:03 am
Where do i send the donation via Paypal hopefully.
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Sep 30 2011, 10:21 am

I checked the website, it seems the files can be stored on different domains (not always filesonic), so I think you should filter according to the URL content or format.

The underlined parts seems to be always present in all website URL I checked (fileserve/filesonic/wupload).
But the real link to the file is different:

If you open the console while downloading, you can see this report with all possible string you can use to create the filters on the domain:

Automatic Save Folder :
These data will be used to verify the filters :
Filename: Fatboy_Chubb-The_Black_Tony-2011-C4.rar
Domain test order: 1,5,3
1 - File's domain:
2 - File's URL:
3 - Full file's URL:
4 - Tab's domain:
5 - Tab's URL:

What is interesting for you is the number 5, as it contains /file/numbers/filename.rar

so be sure to add 1,5,3 in the filter search order on options > page 2.

You can try this filter:

Filters Domain
= Regexp.
File name
= Regexp.
Local folder

\d+ = a string composed of numbers of any length.
[^-]+ = grab any character not (up to encountering) a minus sign.

Two things to note:
1. You need to be on the tab of the downloaded file when the save dialog is opened.
If you go to a download website and switch to another tab because of the wait time before the download automatically start (no click of your part needed after the countdown), it will use your currently active tab as "domain number 5" to check the filter and not the one from the download tab's URL.

2. The save path will contain the underscore D:\Downloads\Music\Fatboy_Chubb\
There is a way to detect if the underscore is present and not capture it, but there's no way to replace it dynamically with a space.
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Oct 2 2011, 7:30 pm
This is very close.

But is there anyway to automate the save sub folder from the Parent home page of: ------ > using Music or whatever it will be as

the domain download folder.

SO as previous example:

D:\downloads\Last sub of Parent url(music)\Fatboy_Chubb

However I added your example to The ASF folder and it just automatically goes to the unfiltered section. Is there anyway to get this working?
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Oct 3 2011, 12:35 pm
Did you correctly add the "5" in the search field?

Preferences > options > page 2 > first option : 1,5
or 1,3,5
5 has to be present.

If it still doesn't work, please copy/paste the Console log here.
(The part where it says "this data will be used" and "xxx filter matching" etc.)
Press Ctrl+shift+J to open the console.

If you want to capture the last sub-domain, just put parentheses around it in the filter to tell ASF to "memorize" it.
Then in the path, use $xd, where x = the number of the parenthesis to use.

example :
the filename is inside parentheses ([^-]+) so it will memorize the start of the filename.
You call it by placing $1d in the save path:

Your problem here is that you want to filter from two different URLs!

Website URL where the links are listed :
Website URL where the Files are stored :

The real website which let you download the file is not rlslog, but filesonic!
You opened a different page to go to filesonic and download the file from that website.
The first website has nothing to do with the download or the filter.

Note that you can only capture from 1 domain at a time.
You have 5 possible domain Types to create/check/extract data from the filter.
If you create a filter based on the file's URL (type5), you can't capture website URL content (Type3), and vice versa.

So even if I could add a "referrer URL" as "Domain Type6", (or maybe it will be only referrer domain, without subdomains),
It would be possible for you to capture both "/music/" from the referrer (Type6) and the filename from the link's URL (Type5) at the same time.

I think it could be possible to add a menu to specify different capture based on different domain type, and use all of them at the same time to create the save path, but it would be too hard for the end-users to understand what the menu is used for, or how to set a filter. You already have difficulty with simple regexp, I imagine it will be too hard to create a filter when you have to manage 6 different URLs at the same time.

I think the filter I created on my previous post is the nearest one you can have.
But I don't see why you want to extract "music" from the URL, when it's always a music which are provided by that website.

You didn't provide me with a different type of content/file/url/website.
If you always download music with the "/file/xxxxxxx.rar" format, then you don't need to create dynamic paths to specify it's a Music.

If you download other files (programs?) with similar URL, then yes you will need different filters (and not a single one).
Post #15
Oct 6 2011, 9:28 am
Just discovered that ASF is not compatible with Firefox 7.0.1 !!

Either keep Firefox 7.0.0 or .. don't use ASF and wait until I find a way to change the save folder again.

Firefox is memorizing (and in memory only, not saved anywhere in the settings) the saved path according to the website.

site-by-site basis.
It's not using the old setting anymore so I can't change it manually.
And There's no way to disable this feature, it's forced upon all users.
Post #16
Dec 18 2011, 5:25 pm
Hello Cyan,

Happy Holidays!

Firefox updated so I am currently using ASF 1.03.

It works great using the filters. However getting back to this idea of taking information from two different domains for download. The name from the sub domain on the web page and the file name well from the download server. Honnestly something that when the sub domain is opened would scroll to the last post and download from the host of my choice... that is what would be great. I can pay for such a program just let me know how much you would like.

Thank-you for your time!

Post #17
Dec 19 2011, 3:01 pm

Happy holidays to you too :D

Did you try mixing both $1d and $1f ?

$1d is taken from the domain type you choose (currently you have 5 domain type, like explained in the previous posts).
And $1f is taken from the real download's link, the URL of the downloaded file.

Just put parentheses in the filename's filter field to add capturing parentheses (up to 9 too).

Filters Domain
= Regexp.
File name
= Regexp.
Local folder

All users have different needs, and making more complicated filters based on many different criteria would only complicate the look of the Add-on for new users.
They might choose to never use it if it looks too complicated. (and it will be hard for me to code it too, ahaha :p)

I'll see if I can add the Referrer website as Domain type6.
But I don't think I'll add more complicated things.
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