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User info [REQ] Remember last folder on multiple filter matc
I see, and I agree that sometime I met that scenario and it would be nice to have the radio already set to the previous path if there's multiple suggestions.

But I think I'll add it as a sub-option, Just in case some users still rely on the first choice.

[]Suggest all possible folders
--[]Select the previous path if present in the suggested list

I don't think positioning the drop-down list on the previous path is useful (as it's already listed as radio choices), but it could be done if you see a good reason (I don't always think of all possibilities/settings used by other users).

Quote :
I'm not sure to understand.

I'll try to clarify... :)

Quote :
If more filters are found matching, it lists all matching paths but change
the path to the first found filter's path.

I don't ask for another option. What I suggest is: if more than one filter matches AND
the matches include the last used path
then default to the last used path in the
"suggest all folders" radio list and the "available filters path" dropdown box. If the
matches don't include the last used path, keep the first match as default (as it is now).

My reasoning is the following: The "suggest all folders" and "available filters path"
options allow a user to review and manually override the path decision of ASF. If a
user does override, I think it's better to respect that user choice
(as long as it doesn't conflict with filter results) than to reset to the first match
with each download.


I'm not sure to understand.

Currently, it's checking all filters from your list.
If no filter are matching, it saves in the previously used folder (if you selected to save in previous, instead of a fixed path).

If it finds one filter matching, it change the path to that filter's path.
If more filters are found matching, it lists all matching paths but change the path to the first found filter's path.

You want an option to use the default/no change path if there are multiple matching filters, and only change the path if only one filter is found?

I guess I can add an option for users to choose between "any" and "exclusive", but it would require some visual changes as currently the first path in the list has its radio button selected, suggesting that this path as been set.
I would need to add something to visually display that no change has been made (adding a radio with the previous path always at the top if there are multiple choices?)