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Forum > Wishlist, Feature request > Don't show file explorer but only if filter exists

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User info Don't show file explorer but only if filter exists
Feb 25 2013, 10:20 pm
Since there is no shortcut to toggle the "Do not show file explorer" feature on and off easily, this could be very helpful to avoid accidentally saving/misplacing downloads. Or to set up whether the file explorer shows or not per filter.

Also, if possible, let the user select if repeated files get automatically renamed (as it is now) or prompted for rename. If not, maybe a tooltip to display where was it saved, just for the user to know the path was the desired one and it downloaded correctly.

This is a great addon, thanks for keeping it up.
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Feb 26 2013, 11:47 pm

I plan to make a per-filter choice to select whether the file explorer displays or not.
The setting "only if filter exists" is already present in 1.0.5 (check the beta if you don't have it yet).

I'm also planning to add a drop-down menu to the customized toolbar icon to get easy access to settings without opening the preferences.

The file renaming is not controlled by the addon but by Firefox itself when the file explorer doesn't display.
I can't get access to the suggested filename with left-click (single click on links), so I can't ask the user to rename it like he wants.
I can change the suggested filename only with Right-click download, but it's not what you want as right-click always display the file explorer.

When the download is completed, ASF is not running anymore (ASF stopped working before you select "save" on the save window), There's no way to make ASF detects when a download is completed to display a popup.
You will have to use the main download manager (CTRL+J) to get the list of downloaded files and their filename/path, or another add-on which I like too (Download Statusbar).

Thanks, and sorry for my slow development pace.
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