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User info Current Wishlist and Road map - Read this first
Mar 14 2010, 10:54 am
Here will be the roadmap and the user's requests.
They will be ordered by target ASF version and possibility.

Version 1.x.x and 2.0.x beta : (Compatible version with Firefox 3.5+ only)

I Will do:
- Remove older Firefox version references and improve the code.
- Use the nsILocalFile to save/load path instead of nsILocalString (I hope it will help MacOSX users with the base64 path bug)
- Check ASF compatibility with seamonkey.
- When importing filters, add a choice to Append or Replace the current list.
- Add a Folder browser Button to the save dialog to manually select a download folder (useful for users using the "don't show the file browser" Firefox setting).
- Option to set the previous path back in firefox settings if the user cancel the download.

- Adrian's request : use a different default folder when in private browsing mode.
- MrCOLOMBO request : ask before creating new folder.

Version 2.x.x :
Will do :
- Migrate to Sqlite Database to store more options and filter's data efficiently (downside : ASF Will work only starting from Firefox 3.0, but not this many people use firefox 2.x)
- Remove the option to enable/disable dynamic folder (setting always ON).
- Add a tab to the filter's creation window to "override default preferences" and set a per filter preferences including:
o Give a name to the filter ? Sort by filter's name in path list ?
o Dynamic folder on/off (maybe always on, and remove the option completely)
o Auto-accept the download (+ only if a filter is found).
o Do not show file explorer and save to... (+ only if a filter is found). [Done partially in r116]
o Include this filter in the drop-down path list? yes/no
o Check this filter in a specific domain test order.
o Save to the last used folder or into the user defined folder
o Choice to use this filter for "single click" "right click" "both"
- add sqlite format for export files ? (user select between text/sql export format)
- add a new path to include in the dropdown list without the need to create a filter.
- Select filter's path to NOT include in the dropdown list.

Maybe :
- Create a "test filter" button on the filter creation window
- Add a filter's search bar to find a filter to edit it quickly.
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