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Forum > Wishlist, Feature request > [Partially done in r116] Manual folder selection with FileExplorer disabled

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User info [Partially done in r116] Manual folder selection with FileExplorer disabled
Mar 27 2011, 9:46 pm
This is a really really great plugin!!! I love it, so thank's for this...

But... :D
there is one thing a really miss.

I disabled the "File Explorer" in the options by selecting:

Do not show the files explorer, and automatically save to: "Set by the filters".

This is great, because in most cases i have a filter in my list with the right location and it saves me the "File Explorer" pop-up window and one click on the "Save"-Button.

But sometimes I want to save a file to a totally different location that's not in my filter list. In this case there is no way to manually select a folder (only by pressing the +-button and add a new filter or change the default folder, which i don't want).

So it would be really great if you could add an "manually select folder" option (button) for this in the "What sould Firefox do with this file?" dialogue box.

OR (i think better)

Make "Automatic Save Folder" a pre-selected (if possible) option in this dialogue box like it's done by the "DownThemAll!"-plugin. So we would have "Open with", "DownThemAll!", "Automatic Save Folder" and "Save file" as options to select from.
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Mar 28 2011, 7:37 pm

I like the Button idea.
It could appear only when "don't show the file explorer" is selected.
My problem is that once clicked and the file is saved, the "don't show file explorer" option would stay un-checked, as this is affecting directly a Firefox's option, and I don't have any possibility to set it back after the download.

I would need to create a new setting to store the old state and put it back on next file download. It could be done.

About the new "automatic Save Folder" option, I don't have any idea how I it could benefit from adding it to the choice.
This choice will act as it's not showing the menu, and "save file" will ? I'll try to think about it. It could even hijack the saving process, as it needs to be on "save file" to currently save it with the default saving function.
dTa! is using his own saving process, but ASF don't have any.

I think the button is a better choice.

I have some ideas (putting more options directly into the filters creation window to decide if the specific filter will show the file explorer or not, will auto-accept the save dialog or not, etc.), but I'm really slow to develop the add-on :o
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Mar 28 2011, 10:00 pm
Hi Cyan,

thanks for your reply.

A button in the "What sould Firefox do with this file?" dialogue box, which opens an additional "folder selection dialogue" would be great (button appears only if files explorer is disabled in settings).

So I could keep the file explorer disabled and could simply select a folder from the radio buttons or dropdown list (if folder is in the filter list), or, if not in the list, I could simply select a new folder by pressing the button and select one in the new "folder selection dialogue".
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Mar 28 2011, 10:50 pm
Yes, that's another option :D
I'll see where I'll put it, I don't want to make a very big menu with a lot of options in the save dialog.

I think I'll put little buttons with icons instead of text.
One button with a folder image on it to select the destination folder manually.
and one to replace the "+ add or edit filters" text, with a setting-like image.
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Feb 8 2012, 1:49 am

What about a checkbox under the "don't show the file explorer" checkbox with "only if a filter is found"?

In that case if both checkboxes are checked, the save file dialog would be shown for files that have no filters.
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Feb 8 2012, 8:49 am
I will try to make an option to enable or disable the file explorer on a filter basis, but it will affect Firefox Settings permanently, as I can't set the option back after the download is completed.
The option to show/hide the file explorer will stay changed until you use ASF with "save dialog" again to trigger the setting change again.
It will be to the user to decide if it's acceptable or not.

I will try in the next beta.

The final objective would be to select that option when creating the filter itself, some filter would allow you to see the file explorer, and other filter will let you choose the filename.
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Feb 19 2012, 2:15 pm
I added a "Only if a filter is found" option in 1.0.5b Rev115.

The "do not show the file explorer, and automatically save into[_______]"
is now replaced by a menu which looks like Firefox's options:

Quote :
( ) Save file to [_______]
(*) Always asks me where to save files

I hope it will be easier for some users which found the description hard to understand that his option was just a mirror of the Firefox's option.

It's now not a mirror anymore (I hope it will not be more confusing now that it looks like Firefox's options), and the option selected in ASF is used to change the real Firefox's setting each time the user save a file.
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