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User info Filter on first kilobytes content
I don't know if there's a way to stream only the first xxx bytes of data only.
I don't know if there's a way to stop a stream either.
If there's no option to do that, the file would be downloaded fully twice :/

I never thought about it, I can't tell you if it's possible or not, I'll have to try the data streaming first in javascript first.

For info, All the add-on is coded in javascript/ajax. I'm not well familiarized with ajax, so I do everything manually with javascript.
It would be nice if one could regexp filter a file on the X first Kb of the file to download :)
It would allow people to filter on :
- MP3 ID3v2 tags
- JFIF EXIF and others images metadata
- Video header metadatas
- etc...
and possibly use dynamic folders capture syntax to store automatically.
For example a MP3 saved in the mp3 folder\artist\date - album\ all deduced from the regexp ^_^

Il would required to open a download stream (in AJAX or in Java don't know wich is best) right before starting the real download.
Do you think it is doable ?

Anyway thanks for this wonderful application :)