Automatic Save folder website is closed

This project is stopped. You can still find the old add-on page on mozilla website (archived), or website.
Note that the available versions are for VERY OLD Firefox versions, and development channel links are not listed.

Thank you for your support so far, but this add-on is not supported anymore.
I don't have time to update and fix Automatic Save Folder anymore.

Mozilla decided to change their add-on system and Automatic Save Folder doesn't work anymore past Firefox v47 or ESR v52.

If you still want to use this add-on, you can use this setup :
- Firefox ESR 52.x, or other browsers based on Firefox like Waterfox
- Latest ASF v1.0.5b revision 129 (signed by mozilla)

A little story about this add-on.
I created Automatic Save folder primarily for my own need.
I then thought, if I find it useful then maybe other users could find it useful too.
I created and shared that add-on on mozilla, and created a website with a forum.
People were happy, and requested a lot of features, most of which I couldn't add. But I did all I could with my own knowledge and free time. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

But once I stopped being available to help and improve the add-on the way everybody expected, I started receving attacks and insults by e-mail, and finally the box is now full of viruses. I stopped reading it, I can't help people anymore. Sorry for users with real problem, but this ended badly and I don't like being insulted.

If you think this add-on is still useful, and someone would like to port it to any other browser version, you can find the GPL2.0 sources on github.

Thank you to everybody who supported me.

August 2018.